Modi and KCR: Trump’s role models?

PM Modi and Telangana CM KCR are known for their surprising political strategies to stun their political opponents. When few surveys predicted a tough fight in the last general elections, PM Modi and Telangana CM KCR surprised all with their landslide victories crushing their opponents.

Now, inside talk US President Donald Trump is taking Modi and KCR as his role models. It is known that the US is heading for presidential polls in the coming months and sources reveal Trump is planning to implement Modi and KCR strategies to crush his opponents.

Analysts feel Modi won the last elections riding on the Hindutva sentiment and patriotic and nationalistic flavor. Similarly KCR too rode on Telangana sentiment and won the elections. Modi and KCR emerged successful in stoking the sentiments of the people.

Irrespective of the countries, the sentiment of the people remains the same. So Trump is planning to ride on the sentiment wave in the US. That is the reason why he is attacking China holding it responsible for coronavirus and the deaths across the world. In the last elections also Trump came with America’s First slogan and promised to drive away illegal migrants. Though his opponents criticized him, he did not backtrack. He is now blaming the opposition leaders of conniving with China and trying to save them and thus winning the hearts of US people. The question is are there any takers for Trump’s sentiment attack.