22 Land Cruisers: KCR’s Risky Political Move?

Two days ago, CM Revanth Reddy revealed that former CM KCR secretly bought 22 Toyota Land Cruiser cars to potentially secure another term in Telangana. These cars were kept hidden at a place undisclosed during KCR’s leadership, later found at Veerapaneni Industrial Park in Vijayawada, undergoing upgrades like bulletproof glass and GPS systems.

This process took longer, leading to their extended stay in Vijayawada. This revelation sparked public concern about the reported Rs 66 crore expenditure from Telangana’s funds for these cars. This controversy arises amid the government’s struggle to pay power bills, citing insufficient funds for public schemes.

Critics question the need for these Land Cruisers as KCR already had two convoys with enough bulletproof cars. People are upset about what seems like extravagant spending of public money, especially as it coincides with challenges in funding essential services. The public is voicing worries about fiscal responsibility and the apparent confidence KCR had in winning without much opposition. The use of public funds for these high-end cars is causing public outrage and raising questions about how funds are managed.