Telangana: New Faces In BRS For Lok Sabha Elections

The upcoming Lok Sabha elections present a challenge for the BRS party, especially after their recent loss in the assembly elections. With the Congress now in power and swiftly fulfilling new promises, concerns are growing among BRS members. In the assembly elections, the Congress did well in districts like Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda, Khammam, and Karimnagar, while the BRS only secured a few MLA seats in other districts.

This has made BRS leaders worried about their chances in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. Despite this, the BRS remains hopeful about the Lok Sabha elections, aiming not only to hold onto their nine previously won seats but also to gain more. There’s talk within the party about possibly changing candidates due to a potential backlash from using the same ones in the assembly elections.

Some current MPs are worried about not getting a ticket again, while others who lost in the assembly elections are eager to contest in the Lok Sabha polls. There’s also discussion about allowing new faces to take on certain roles, and there’s even talk about the party leader, KCR, possibly running for MP from Medak. Overall, there’s uncertainty within the BRS, but they remain optimistic about their prospects in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections despite the challenges they’re facing.