Hyderabadis vs CoronaVirus-Who is the Winner?

Coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate and positive cases are increasing in India. Even in Telangana, its capital, the so-called Hitech Hyderabad is witnessing a meteoric surge in COVID positive cases.

Under these circumstances, people are left wondering who is scared. The Hyderabadis or Coronavirus? Telangana CM KCR has been acting tough and extending lockdown more than what PM Modi is doing. However, despite the lockdown restrictions, red zones, containment zones, Hyderabadis started flouting the rules, right from the beginning.

They stopped practicing social distancing, wearing masks and started driving without caring for anyone. Especially in the so-called famous Old City, people are throwing caution to the wind. This shows that Hyderabadis are not concerned about their health and that of others. They are going madly rushing daringly towards having a face-off with death. Who will win the war between Hyderabadis and Coronavirus? Any guesses.