KCR & Jagan: Crush Sonia, Power Modi

Telangana CM KCR and AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy are known for their wily political strategies that surprise their opponents. They once again stunned Congress chief Sonia Gandhi during the all-party meeting. It is known that PM Modi called for an all-party meeting yesterday to discuss the situation at Indo-China border and the tensions which resulted in the shocking martyrdom of 20 army men.

During the all-party meet, while Congress president Sonia Gandhi decided to crush PM Modi by questioning the government’s handling of the situation by coming out with questions like when the incursions happened, when the government noticed, whether they got the satellite images, why the army men were sent unarmed and why so many soldiers were martyred, almost all the parties gave her a huge shock.

Even her own allies shocked all by supporting PM Modi unilaterally. AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy showered PM Modi for his handling of the situation and pledged full support to him in the future on whatever decisions he and his government take to crush China. He also pledged the support of all the people of Andhra Pradesh state.

Telangana CM KCR also showered praises on PM Modi and also analyzed why China is turning aggressive saying Kashmir’s development and abrogation of article 370 shocked China and so it is trying the misadventure. He also suggested steps on how to handle the situation.

With Jagan and KCR turning tables on Sonia Gandhi to crush her, Sonia had no option but to look helplessly as everyone powered PM Modi giving him full powers to crush China.