Shock: KCR’s Telangana stands last

When C-Voter conducted a survey to find out the best performing chief ministers across the country following covid scare, many got shocked when AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy was placed at the 4th place while Telangana CM KCR was placed at the 16th place.

KCR’s fans and TRS leaders, supporters turned furious and questioned the validity of the survey. Even many in Telangana felt that following KCR’s tough talk and consistent press meet, he would be ranked in the top 5. This came as a shock to everyone as KCR more often than PM Modi advocated the implementation of lockdown in even tougher manner while Jagan batted for the opening of everything.

But it seems there is lot of difference between KCR’s words and actions. The death of a TV reporter exposed the shortcomings at Gandhi Hospital. Similarly attacks on doctors by the relatives of covid patients and the inaction by the police and government tarnished its image completely.

Already ICMR expressed its anger at the fewer number of tests conducted by the Telangana government to findout coronavirus among people. High Court many times reprimanded the State Government over the issue and despite these things didnot change.

Now reports are coming that KCR’s Telangana got a huge shock when it is placed last in the tests. It is also placed among all the states in the country which is spending less budget on public health care. These reports once again expose the lackluster attitude of Telangana CM KCR who is good at muzzling the voice of the local media. But national media will not have anything of that sort and started exposing CM KCR.

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