BJP Focuses On 10 Parliamentary Seats In Telangana

Union Home Minister Amit Shah visited Hyderabad and expressed optimism about the BJP’s future in Telangana. He set a goal of winning 10 seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections, aiming to increase their current four seats by six more. Shah stressed the importance of achieving a 35 percent vote share in the state.

During his visit, Shah, along with other key BJP leaders, discussed strategies to retain their existing seats and contest strongly for additional ones. They emphasized the need for strong candidates, aiming for a total of 13 formidable contenders.

Shah acknowledged the challenges faced by the BJP in the 2018 elections, where they secured only one assembly seat. However, he expressed confidence in the party’s ability to win 8 seats this time, considering their second-place position in certain constituencies. He believed that with collective efforts, achieving the targeted vote share was feasible.

Despite Shah’s optimism, uncertainties exist regarding the practicality of these plans. The ruling Congress party, led by Revanth Reddy, has been actively engaging with the public through various initiatives and has gained support for its prompt responses to issues. These developments raise doubts about the BJP’s ability to secure ten parliamentary seats in the upcoming elections.