Owaisi, Revanth Reddy roars, anyone scared?

Entire country is staying united in its fight against the deadly corona pandemic which is scaring everyone. True that the lock down affected everyone and all industries and there is no exception. However people by and large are cooperating with the respective state and central governments and help in killing the corona virus completely.

Under these circumstances few politicians are trying to be in the limelight by making false allegations and insinuating charges against the government. MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi and his over aggressive brother Akbaruddin Owaisi lead this pack. Even as Telangana government headed by KCR and the doctors are working 24/7 to treat corona virus affected people, Akbaruddin Owaisi made shocking accusations that Muslims were not treated properly and they were discriminated and even the facilities were substandard.

Similarly Asaduddin Owaisi instead of asking all Tabligihis to come forward and reveal the information and get treated started attacking PM Modi saying that US President Trump’s Namaste India event resulted in corona virus though everyone is aware that corona virus originated from Wuhan, China.

Same is the case with Revanth Reddy who was once regarded as the Telangana Tiger. He started attacking KTR and KCR for making money out of the covid crisis. Many feel Owaisi brothers, Revanth Reddy are facing existential crisis and in order to get media attention and stay in the limelight are coming out with such wild allegations to demean the fight against corona virus.