Modi’s master plan to checkmate KCR

There are many states in the country and all have respective chief ministers. Unlike all those Chief Ministers, Telangana CM KCR often fires on all cylinders on PM Modi. PM Modi till now remained silent but it seems Modi and Amit Shah are getting ready with a master plan to checkmate KCR.

Generally, the Union Government does not intervene in the disputes of two states. However the moment, Bandi Sanjay, President Telangana State wrote a letter raising strong objections to AP Government and CM Jagan’s decision to use the lift irrigation project to use Krishna waters, Union Minister at once responded and even directed AP government seeking an explanation for the same.

These acts are an indication that more than KCR’s commitment, PM Modi, and the BJP are more concerned about Telangana rights. Thus, PM Modi, it seems decided to give a shock to KCR and checkmate him before he plays on the Telangana sentiment. With KCR attacking Modi, sources say Modi and Shah are furious with KCR’s actions and getting ready to crush him completely.