Ex Mayor to go Saffron from Pink?

With GHMC elections round the corner, BJP is into action. Right now, the talk is that it is trying to woo TRS leaders like ex mayor Teegala Krishna Reddy into its fold. Given its performance in Dubbaka, BJP is already gearing up for GHMC polls and part of its strategy is to get opposition leaders into its party.

From Pink to Saffron?

Already it made its move by holding talks with Vijayashanti via union minister Kishen Reddy and local BJP head Bandi Sanjay. Now, it’s the turn of Teegala Krishna Reddy, inform political insiders. Readers are well-aware that Teegala had distanced himself from TRS for some time now. And he too is trying to up his stake during the forthcoming GHMC polls.

Naturally, he has been eyeing the BJP and many insist he is on the verge of jumping into BJP. During 2014 elections, Teegala won from the Maheswaram constituency on the TDP ticket. However, eventually, he moved to TRS, given the political situation in Telangana. After the formation of Telangana, TDP was wiped out of the state and many TDP leaders jumped into ruling TRS.

However, later in 2018 elections, Teegala lost Maheswaram to Sabita Indira Reddy who had contested on Congress ticket. It is no news that Sabita Indira Reddy later jumped the wall into TRS. So, now Teegala is in a tight situation in the party and is planning to squeeze out of the situation by moving to BJP. Of course, TRS on its part has roped in minister Malla Reddy to appease Teegala.

But there is a little issue here. His daughter-in-law Anitha Reddy has won the ZPTC election from Maheswaram and she is the chairperson of ZTPC there. If Teegala moves out of the party, the TRS high command might be forced to take a stand on Anita Reddy too.

Meanwhile, Teegala who has been eyeing MLC post from TRS is unhappy that KCR has not made any promises on that front. So, in all likelihood, Teegala ‘might’ move to BJP in time for GHMC polls.