Pawan Kalyan’s TDP Talks: Where’s BJP?

The head of the Jana Sena, Pawan Kalyan, has been complaining about how poorly the BJP has been preparing for the Andhra polls. His rising annoyance with the BJP was evident when he recently announced an alliance with the TDP for the upcoming elections. spite of this, ap bjp head Daggubati Purandeshwari, maintains that the alliance with the Jana Sena remains intact.

However, it’s become quite apparent that Pawan Kalyan has aligned himself more closely with the TDP. He’s been frequently meeting with Chandra Babu and engaging in discussions about joint plans. The TDP and JSP are also working on seat allocations and a joint manifesto, while Pawan hasn’t been seen meeting any BJP leaders lately.

Despite this clear shift, the AP BJP seems to be disregarding these developments and holding onto the belief that Pawan Kalyan remains with them. This position doesn’t seem to help anyone, especially with the AP elections quickly approaching. It is increasingly clear that the BJP must either accept Pawan’s TDP allegiance and try to build an alliance with both parties, or they must think about running their campaign on their own without the support of Jana Sena.

Publicly claiming Pawan Kalyan’s allegiance without acknowledging the changing landscape might not serve any meaningful purpose given the limited time left before the AP polls. The BJP would benefit from reassessing its strategy in light of these shifting alliances and making decisions accordingly for the upcoming elections.