CBN basher KCR following him

When time is favorable, people shower praise a person like anything. But when the same person is in a bad phase, they bash him like anything. While NTR by launching his TDP showed the power of Telugu pride, there is no denying the fact that Chandra Babu showed the power of Telugu people in IT.

One can find fault with his political strategies but his vision is flawless. But what is surprising all is, his rivals who bashed him for neglecting other regions and professions, are now following the same and claiming them as their own flagship programs.

Till sometime back all the Telugu leaders used to be from the Congress party. Similarly of late, most of the leaders in various parties are from TDP. KCR’s TRS recently held an event in which the party has paid Rs 16.11crs insuring the cadre through an insurance company.

But what one doesn’t know is this initiative was earlier taken by Chandra Babu’s TDP. Chandra Babu took group insurance to all TDP cadre and following that almost all the parties started following him and the latest to join is KCR’s TRS.

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