TDP-Jana Sena Political Plans, A Big Task Begins

The tension between TDP and Jana Sena regarding seat-sharing has escalated, causing concern among senior TDP members. Although the first list of combined candidates is anticipated around Sankranti, there’s uncertainty about how Naidu and Pawan Kalyan agreed upon the final list, leading to media speculations.

Reportedly, Jana Sena is prioritizing its community, the Kapus and Backward Classes (BCs), in choosing constituencies. Pawan Kalyan seems to have conducted multiple surveys across the 175 constituencies, gaining clarity on seat numbers and potential choices.

Jana Sena aims to contest in the twin Godavari and North Andhra districts, while TDP eyes Nellore, Krishna, Guntur, and Prakasam districts. However, a snag arises as both parties are interested in Godavari and North Andhra, which are TDP strongholds. Consequently, many TDP seniors oppose allowing Jana Sena entry into these areas, fearing future complications.

Several senior TDP leaders worry that granting Jana Sena access to their traditional strongholds might cause issues down the line. Allegedly, TDP members are seeking a 75:25 seat-sharing ratio in the total 68 seats in the twin Godavari and North Andhra districts. The uncertainty around seat allocation between TDP and Jana Sena, especially in crucial regions, remains a point of contention among party leaders, raising concerns about potential consequences for both parties in the upcoming elections.