Who turned Rahul as Pappu instead of PM?


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been trying hard to present himself as a viable alternative to PM Modi. He is leaving no stone unturned to turn his Congress party as the alternative against BJP and revive his lost glory.

However, his immature comments at the wrong time is tarnishing not only his party’s image but also that of his and his mother Sonia Gandhi and sister Priyanka Gandhi. Many of his rivals call him as Pappu for his gaffes in his speeches.

Now sources say it was Sonia Gandhi who turned Rahul as Pappu instead of PM. One should act quickly at the right time in a decisive manner. Sonia not only delayed Rahul Gandhi’s marriage and even refused to make him the PM.

In 2009 after YSR by winning 38 MPs in Andhra Pradesh for the party and powering Congress to power at the center, requested Sonia Gandhi to make Rahul Gandhi as the PM. But Sonia Gandhi did not heed to his advice. Many feels had Sonia Gandhi made Rahul PM instead of Manmohan, things would have been different.

Everyone including Sonia’s family members pressurized her to make Rahul as PM. However, Congress senior leaders suggested against this, and Sonia heeding to them made Manmohan as the PM. Some say Congress seniors misled Sonia Gandhi as they fear Rahul wouldn’t have given them freehand which they had been enjoying during Manmohan Singh’s regime. Finally, this led to the downfall of the Congress.