Rahul Gandhi’s Second Big Journey For Congress

The Congress party has experienced a notable shift in its fortunes, notably seen before and after the Karnataka elections. Despite previous election setbacks, the party managed to turn things around in Karnataka and later in Telangana. While it didn’t secure power in other states, it significantly challenged the BJP.

The Congress is preparing for the next Lok Sabha elections by bringing together other parties to oppose the BJP. It’s thought that Rahul Gandhi’s triumphant Bharat Jodo Yatra might change everything. According to reports, this yatra may have a second phase that begins in January with the intention of deliberately influencing the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Rahul Gandhi’s earlier yatra covered over 4,000 km and garnered support from diverse sections, including celebrities and politicians. This journey enhanced the yatra’s image and strengthened its impact. The anticipation is high to see if this upcoming yatra can replicate or surpass the success of the previous one.

The yatra, seen as a pivotal effort, has historically correlated with Congress victories in some states. All eyes are on Rahul Gandhi’s ability to replicate the Bharat Jodo Yatra’s success and improve the Congress’s chances in the approaching elections as the countdown to the Lok Sabha elections heats up.