Khushboo Sundar says Justin Trudeau has no right to meddle with farmers’ issue

Actress and BJP member, Khushboo Sundar has taken offence to Justin Trudeau’s comments over the raging farmers’ issue in the national capital. “Trudeau or whoever, you have no business to interfere in our internal matters,” she posted on social media.


Khushboo protests against Trudeau’s interference


For days, farmers have been raising slogans and holding dharnas over the proposed reforms to the agriculture sector.

While the Prime Minister Modi and his government maintains that the reforms will help farmers in the long run and give them a better price for their produce, the farmers are adamant that the government withdraws its new proposals.

The farmers, mostly from Haryana and Punjab, have pitched their tents on the Haryana Delhi border and are not being allowed into the national capital New Delhi by large number of police deployed in the area. The BJP government did try to divert the attention of the Indians by focusing on the GHMC polls in Hyderabad, but the issue remains highly debated not only in political circles, but also on social media.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has pointed out that the farm reforms are well-suited for the ‘suit and boot’ cronies of the government and not the farmers.

Adding international colour to the issue was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s comments of extending support to the protesting farmers. However, the BJP government instantly retorted by lodging a formal protest against Trudeau. “It is also best that diplomatic conversations are not misinterpreted for political purposes,” said MEA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava.

Trudeau’s comments have triggered a diplomatic row and Indian government has stated that the Canadian PM’s stand was ill-informed and unwarranted.