Covid 19 Survey: Modi & KCR’s sensation

In the wake of coronavirus spread across the world and the subsequent lockdown in India, PM Modi’s Union government and the respective state governments are coming with various strategies to keep people safe from the deadly pandemic.

As lock down is getting extended and corona positive cases increasing, many opposition parties, especially Rahul Gandhi’s Congress and the Communists are criticizing PM Modi over the lockdown and for making people undergo all the troubles.

They are in fact demanding lockdown be lifted from the country and instill confidence among people that they can fight corona courageously. In the midst of all this a nationwide survey conducted by a popular print media, came with shocking findings over the performances of various state governments, CMs, and the PM in metro cities.

The survey findings came as a shock to the opponents. Here are the survey findings. Urban India endorsed PM Modi’s strategies as more than 87% overwhelmingly supporting him.

Now if we take the 6 metros, Delhi,Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkota, The survey finds came as a shock. All the people in the respective cities endorsed the work of their state governments and the Chief Ministers.

People of Delhi voted for Kejriwal, Bengaluru voted for Yediyurappa, Hyderabad voted for KCR, Chennai voted for Palanisamy, Mumbai voted for Uddhav Thackery and Kolkota voted for Mamata Bannerjee.

Kejriwal topped the CMs with 65% voting for him in Delhi, while Yediyurappa stood second with 56% voting for him in Bengaluru. KCR stood third with 49% Hyderabadis supporting him, while 40% people in Chennai supported Palanisamy. Only 35% supported Uddhav Thackery in Mumbai and what came as a shocker for Mamata Bannerjee is only 6% supported her in Kolkota.

Cities                 CM                        Approval for CMs in %

Delhi                 Kejriwal                         65

Bengaluru         Yediyurappa                    56

Hyderabad         KCR                               49

Chennai            Palanisamy                      40

Mumbai            Uddhav Thackery              35

Kolkota            Mamata Bannerjee             06

If we come to PM Modi’s rating in the metros, many of his critics got a shock.
PM Modi’s rating in various metros is as follows.

Cities                                       Percentage

Overall                                       71
Mumbai                                      79
Delhi                                          86
Bengaluru                                   69
Chennai                                      51
Hyderabad                                  74
Kolkota                                       59

This shows that even in states not ruled by BJP, PM Modi is getting good acceptance from the people of the cities. If we come to the likeability in Metros for Modi                                           Rating out of 10    
Overall                                           7.9
Mumbai                                          8.5
Delhi                                              8.6
Bengaluru                                       7.9
Chennai                                          6.7
Hyderabad                                       8.3
Kolkota                                          7.4

His overall likeability factor is 7.9 on a ten-point scale and this is more than what he got during the 2019 election held in April. In April 2019, his approval ratings stood at 7.1.

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