War of Words Refuses Die Down Between KCR and Naidu, Why?

Why the war words between Telangana chief minister KCR and his arch rival, and AP Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu refuses die down even after the latter’s electoral drubbing in Telangana?

Spewing venom on Naidu, the Telangana chief minister used choicest epithets against the former. He called Naidu a liar, a dirty politician and would meet the same fate as in Telangana in 2019 elections as well. Why KCR, who emerged a formidable force in Telangana, still harbors a grouse against Naidu?

The reason is simple, the Telangana chief minister sees Naidu still as a problem for him at national level where he wants to play key role in the form federal front protagonist.

Both Naidu and KCR have been trying to forge fronts for the benefit of their  friends in New Delhi, Congress and BJP respectively.

While Naidu is too open in championing the cause of Congress, KCR a bit secretive about his plan to back BJP in 2019. His hidden plank is couched in anti-Congress and anti-BJP vocabulary.

Naidu, who could not stop TRS Juggernaut in Telangana Assembly polls wants ensure KCR’s defeat at least at national level by exposing KCR’s alleged Modi agenda. He is targeting KCR by accusing his federal front as only a design to help Narendra Modi return in 2019 elections.

The worry of KCR is that Naidu with his anti-BJP image at national level might play spoilsport in his attempt to bring together all regional parties around his pet theory of anti-Congress and anti-BJP front.  This ire came to fore yesterday when KCR had addressed his first press conference in Hyderabad upon his arrival from first round of federal front tour.