TRS runs like a private firm: Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

As rumored, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy joined the Congress party and detailed the media on why he was forced to quit the TRS. The richest MP of Telangana said that internally, TRS was run like a private firm by only two members KCR and his son KTR.

“When we are working as a unit, we have to respect each other and move ahead with unity. But, in Telangana Rashtra Samithi things have drastically changed after 2014. They have given importance to leaders who were once not in support of Telangana formation. All this because of only one reason – the hunger for power”, Vishweshwar Reddy said.

“Prior to the formation of Telangana, every TRS activist used to make the slogans of Jai Telangana but now they are forced to praise KCR and his son KTR, the future CM. Family politics mixed with the dictatorship of KCR will not sustain too long. Even Nizam used to have an advisory council but in TRS, Ministers are just nominal heads”, he added. Konda went on to say that Etela Rajender did not have a minimum idea on budget allocations despite being the Finance Minister.

However, it is worth thinking on why Konda left TRS just before the assembly elections?. Did it take more than four years for him to realize his allegations?. There are rumors in the political arena that Konda had seriously tried for an MLA seat to his aide in the assembly election but was not treated well by the party high command. Sources said that the decision to quit from TRS was taken due to an improper treatment from KTR when he approached for an MLA ticket from Chevella constituency. Also, there are other rumors that Konda resigned from TRS due to a rift with a cabinet minister.

Interestingly, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy said that there are still a bunch of leaders who are willing to come out of TRS. Will they leave TRS before December 7, as Revanth Reddy claimed?. We will have to wait and see.