JC exposes Jagan’s fears

Former MP, TDP’s firebrand leader JC.Diwakar Reddy speaking to scribes exposed AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy’s fears. He said Jagan is behaving like a dictator and ruling the state like a monarch not caring a hoot for constitutional bodies and law enforcement authorities.

Diwakar Reddy then made sensational comments against Jagan. He said ‘ Jagan will not listen to anyone. He may listen only to PM Narendra Modi. This because Jagan listens to him for the fear that Modi may crush him. It is not right to show such arrogance just because he is having the majority of 151 MLAs. “

Diwakar Reddy continued ‘ He behaving like Nene Raju Nene Mantri. He is behaving that he do not require any constitution and he is not answerable to anyone and he will have his own way”. He said Jagan should listen to what people are saying in the full public gaze. If he is unable to do, at least his close aides should go and gauge the pulse.