Death Of Life-Malayalam Short Film For Oscars

Malayalam films are known for their natural and realistic portrayal. According to the latest Malayalam shot film Death of Life has been shortlisted for the Oscars. Shaheer Abbas directed the film ‘Death Offers Life, last moments of Vincent Van Gogh’ which has been shortlisted for the official nomination list of the Oscar Academy Awards 2021.This happens to be Shaeer Abbas’s debut film.

Abbas speaking to scribes said “We are excited over the chance of getting nominated and the possibility of winning the Oscar awards. The movie has been screened in many international venues and the responses were overwhelming,” The film already won more than 450 international awards from 28 countries.

The film was shot in Malayalam and subtitled in English, Spanish, French and Italian languages. the 8-minute movie portrays the final moments of Vincent Van Gogh, the legendary artist who was got his much-deserved fame only after his death.