Anam family creates a stir in Nellore politics

Anam Vivekananda Reddy’s demise was followed by a lull in the Anam family, as far as politics was concerned. But it looks like the family is once again preparing the ground for a second round of action in Nellore politics.


Anam Ramanarayan Reddy hints at his family becoming active in Nellore politics again


Anam brothers – Anam Vivekananda Reddy and Anam Ramnarayan Reddy created a name for themselves in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and were a name to reckon with in Nellore. Of late, the family has been lying low. But the sudden action from the family has raised several eyebrows both among public and among political circles, including the YSRCP party.

On his birthday yesterday, flexis of Viveka were put up around Nellore and these were removed by local authorities. Angered by this, Viveka’s son Ranga Mayur Reddy questioned why his father’s flexis were removed when flexis of those with pending cases were on.

Meanwhile, Anam Ramnarayana Reddy made a statement that there are no permanent friends and foes in politics and added that his family will soon go to every house in Nellore and meet them.

This has resulted in ripple within Nellore politicians. It is being said that Anam family’s fire is directed against minister Anil Kumar Yadav. Ramnarayan Reddy has been unhappy about not being considered for minister’s post despite being a senior leader. Ever since Anil was made the minister, Anam family have been criticising him for small reasons.

Given this backdrop, Anam family’s latest comments have created a stir in Nellore.