Pawan Kalyan to hold dharna for Rayalaseema farmers on Dec 7

Well, Pawan Kalyan’s role in GHMC elections has come out and he has been profusely thanked by the BJP leaders. Wedding celebrations are on at Konidela household and it has been reported that Pawan Kalyan had promised Niharika Konidela that he will attend her wedding in Udaipur.


Pawan Kalyan to hold dharna for farmers on Dec 7


Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan is busy with his party agenda. Speaking at a press conference in Nellore, Jana Sena chief powerstar Pawan Kalyan wondered why YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government was not coming to the aid of farmers.

He said farmers and people were displaced due to Nirav cyclone and government was nowhere to be seen. Pawan Kalyan also mentioned that 30 slums in Nellore were flooded with water and still the government was taking time to respond.

Pawan Kalyan also pointed out that apart from problems related due to floods, the government failed in the upkeep and maintenance of irrigation projects like Somasila project. He added that even jobs costing a mere Rs 25,000 were not being taken up for the benefit of people.

And when one looks at Rayalaseema, loss of soil along the banks of Pincha, Baahudi, Swarnamukhi, Mandavya rivers has led to problems to the farmers as their farm sizes have shrunk, he said. Illegal mining of sand further accentuated their suffering, said the Jana Sena chief. “Most farmers have lost their agricultural land, say from one acre to half or quarter acre. And they are not in a situation to refill the sand and take up cultivation,” he said.

The government should compensate such farmers and give appropriate orders to mining department, said the Jena Sena chief. Another point raised by Pawan Kalyan was the plight of people of Buggavanka in Cuddapah town, who were rendered homeless as there was no prior warning from government agencies about the release of water. “We will take up the issue of loss of crop in Railway Koduru also,” assured Pawan Kalyan.

During the recently held assembly sessions, the government set aside one day to discuss these issues, but nothing concrete came out of it. Instead of mud-slinging at each other, it would have been best if the parties discussed these crucial issues, he added.

Pawan Kalyan reminded that YS Jagan had done padayatra and heard of farmers’ problems first-hand. So, it is necessary that Jagan stands by them in times of need.

If the YCP government does not respond and make any statement, then our cadre and people of Andhra Pradesh will hold dharna on December 7 in solidarity to the farmers, he revealed.