Chandrababu naidu cancels all the appointments, what’s happening?

While Covid fears are waning, right now most of the politicians are coming into the masses and movie actors are getting ready for the shootings. At the same time, Chiranjeevi’s Covid positive diagnosis was an unexpected development. 

Chiranjeevi, who has been careful at home all these months, was recently diagnosed with corona after meeting CM in Pragati Bhavan along with Nagarjuna. Leaders and celebrities in two Telugu states are reported to be on high alert following the Chiranjeevi incident. KCR and Nagarjuna, who met Chiranjeevi two days before the diagnosis of Covid, said that other TRS leaders also seem to be taking precautions by undergoing Covid tests. 

The same thing happened with Chandrababu’s visit to Amravati. Chandrababu, who mostly lives in Hyderabad, came to Amravati only on one or two occasions. Chandrababu is scheduled to meet the TDP presidents of the newly elected parliamentary constituencies from today. But all of a sudden, all those programs seem to have been cancelled. The party office informed that Chandrababu was only coming to Amravati from Hyderabad and will stay in Amravati till Friday. According to party sources, no one has come to Chandrababu’s residence and no attempt has been made to meet him. 

Though it is decided that Chandrababu was supposed to meet all the leaders, In the wake of Chiranjeevi confirmed to be positive for Covid Chandrababu decided to be more vigilant. Chiranjeevi incident is a big example of what happens when you go to public places, functions and party offices without wearing a mask. This is why Chandrababu is coming to Amravati but going back without meeting the people this time too.