RGV’s tactics working big time

RGV is making films as he wishes and is releasing on his new RGV APP in relation to Shreya media APP. Till now, two films have come out on this platform in the form of Climax and Naked. RGV says that these films are blockbuster hits and he is making solid money.

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RGV says that close to 40000 views have come for his film Naked and he has charged 200 from each and this itself makes 80,00,000. RGV shocked by saying that he only spent 2000 for the boy who played the maid in the film and the rest of the stuff was done through his company.

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The same happened for the film climax. So, in a way, RGV has found a solid business tactic and is going to produce many short films and features that he will make in the days to come and mint more money.