Ram Gopal Varma’s shocker: Offers whisky to Goddess Maisamma

Ram Gopal Varmas shocker Offers whisky to Goddess Maisamma

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma long time back lost his Midas touch. RGV who is once known for his technically brilliant films of late is coming with controversial posts and also mediocre films. He is hogging the media attention with his controversial posts. Some time back Ram Gopal Varma announced a project Konda and the film is based on Telangana politicians Konda Murali and Konda Surekha.

Today, Ram Gopal Varma planned a rally in Warangal ahead of his movie, but much to his shock the cops denied him permission. Ram Gopal Varma after launching his movie Konda, shocked all by offering whisky to Goddess Maisamma. He went to Maisamma temple and then offered whisky to Goddess.

He shared the pic on social media saying “Though I only drink Vodka, I made the Goddess Maisamma drink Whisky,” tweeted RGV with a picture. In the second picture, we can see RGV extending his hand that was holding the glass of whisky. “CHEERS,”

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