The danger in watching No Time To Die online

Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die is generating immense interest among movie lovers. The latest James Bond film which got a tremendous response across the world is releasing in USA on October 8th in a grand manner.

Many are tempted to watch the film online. However, there are many dangers lurking around if one dreams of watching No Time To Die online. Many cybercriminals are waiting eagerly to make people pay a heavy cost if they think of watching James Bond film online.

Cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of people’s excitement over No Time To Die and are planning to infect their PCs with dangerous malware. Kaspersky, a security firm found multiple attempts to infect users pretending to offer No Time To Die online. They lure people to click the links and after streaming a few minutes of the film ask people to register for a fee and right after that the screen goes blank. So people should watch the film through a proper channels like buying tickets rather than get attracted to watch the film online.

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