James Bond to give a fillip to theatres in overseas?

James Bond series often fascinates movie lovers across the world. The outbreak of covid pandemic across the world affected the theatres forcing them to shutdown and this incurred huge losses. James Bond’s new film No Time To Die is slated for a grand release in US on October 8th. Everyone is hoping that James Bond’s No Time To Die will give a fillip to theatres.

The film is getting good response from across the world delighting the makers who earlier contemplated of signing an OTT deal. The film grossed $27.2 million on Friday across MGM markets and Universal and the cumulative viewers reached $ 51.4 million. Trade analysts predict an international opening of $112.9 million from 54 markets and it is on par with the earlier film Skyfall but just below Spectre.

No Time To Die has thrilling twists and turns and giving a new and unique experience to movie lovers across the world.