Is there a conspiracy behind Vizag gas leak?

The gas leak in LG Polymers Pvt Ltd at Gopalapatnam in the outskirts of Visakhapatnam left all in a state of shock as it came when the entire country is fighting the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Even before the people could recover from the gas leak, reports are coming that at midnight yesterday, styrene gas got leaked once again from LG.Polymers.

It is known that the poisonous gas Styrene leaked due to a blast in the furnace in LG Polymers at 3 AM is triggering speculation as to how it happened during the lockdown.

Police filed an FIR against LG Polymers, but some suspect a conspiracy angle over the gas leak. People are questioning why the employees of LG Polymers started the trial run after 40 days of lockdown in the early hours rather than take due precautions during the day time.

They say with the Indian Government and the respective state governments trying to woo foreign companies that are moving out of China, there could be a conspiracy angle. Only a thorough investigation over the entire incident will unearth the truth behind the happenings.