Rahul Gandhi’s Special Focus On AP?

Rahul Gandhi’s recent visit to Khammam marked a successful rally for the Congress party, fueling their momentum. With Telangana tour triumph in their pocket, it seems that Rahul Gandhi has shifted his focus towards Andhra Pradesh. Plans are underway for a meeting in Visakhapatnam next month, where Rahul intends to lend his support to those opposing the privatization of the Visakhapatnam steel plant.

Before his departure to Delhi, Rahul Gandhi met with AP Congress leaders at Gannavaram Airport, engaging in discussions covering crucial issues such as the Visakha Steel Plant, Amaravati’s capital status, and the Polavaram project. Reports suggest that Rahul also touched upon the ongoing ED and CBI cases involving Chief Minister Jagan.

APCC President Rudra Raju announced Priyanka Gandhi’s upcoming visit to Amaravati, emphasizing the Congress party’s commitment to stand by the farmers who sacrificed their land for the capital. AP Congress leaders expressed concerns about the alleged unfair treatment of the state in terms of capital construction and special status.

Rahul assured them that once the Congress party assumes power at the Centre, they will fulfill all promises made to Andhra Pradesh. He reiterated the party’s dedication to granting special status. Additionally, Rahul inquired about the dynamics between the TDP and BJP, as it came to his attention that despite appearances, the YCP, Janasena, and TDP seem united with the BJP.

During his visit, Rahul Gandhi met with senior Congress leaders, including Rudra Raju, KVP Ramachandra Rao, and JD Seelam. As he concludes his visit, the Congress party in Andhra Pradesh remains hopeful and determined, actively working to strengthen their position ahead of upcoming political challenges.