Cheating Case On ‘Bholaa Shankar’ Team

The Hyderabad Nampally Criminal Court has initiated legal proceedings against the producers of the movie ‘Bhola Shankar,’ registering multiple cases related to cheating.

During a recent press conference in Hyderabad, distributor Battula Satyanarayana (Sathish) revealed that he had paid a substantial sum of 30 crore rupees for distribution rights spanning three states. However, he was granted rights only up to Visakhapatnam, falling short of the promised coverage.

Despite assurances of a refund before the release of ‘Bhola Shankar,’ the producers failed to fulfill their commitment, compelling Satish to take legal action. In response, Satish has filed a recovery suit amounting to 30 crore rupees in the Hyderabad Civil Court to retrieve his investment. Simultaneously, criminal cases have been registered against the producers in the Nampally Criminal Court, encompassing various charges such as conspiracy, cheating, and breach of trust.

Advocate Keshapuram Sudhakar has indicated that ongoing arguments pertaining to civil cases favor Satish, and the court has recommended pursuing a recovery suit, emphasizing the strength of Satish’s case. The individuals accused in this case are Anil Sunkara, Ramabraham Sunkara, and Garikapati Kishore from their production company.