Can Anil Ravipudi Impress Chiranjeevi?

Anil Ravipudi, who is on a success streak is believed to be working on a movie project with Megastar Chiranjeevi. The renowned producer Dil Raju has been making efforts for this project for quite some time now. However, there was a recent twist in the storyline, creating some confusion.

According to highly reliable sources, the script has finally been locked. Currently, there seems to be a bit of a struggle concerning the budget, with producer Dil Raju trying to sort out the issues.

After the result of “Bholaa Shankar,” there’s a buzz in the market about Chiranjeevi’s next film, and producers are eagerly approaching to collaborate. Even Dil Raju seems very much involved, not just spectating. Yet, details about the budget that Anil Ravipudi has in mind are not clear at the moment.

Apart from that, Anil Ravipudi’s directorial stint with Balakrishna in “Bhagavantam Kesari” hasn’t fetched huge profits. The movie ended as just and average grosser. Dil Raju is trying to make the movie in a limited budget and an official announcement about the project is yet to be announced.