Will TRS get majority in Dubbaka?

TRS , First Local Party to Built Party Office in Delhi

It’s a day before the final results will be announced in Dubbaka. The by-poll has become rather prestigious for the ruling TRS party as it would gauge the sentiment of the people towards the ruling party and its functioning in the past two years.

Tension in TRS over Dubbaka

While TRS is confident that its candidate S Sujatha will win the seat with a huge margin, exit polls held by various organisations have sort of dampened the spirits in the TRS camp. During the initial days of campaign, TRS had challenged other parties in the fray that it would secure majority in crores. For the same, Harish Rao was brought in to oversee the campaign process.

However, exit polls clearly show that while TRS might secure the seat, it may not get the majority it boasted of. While AARAA exit poll predicted victory for S Sujatha, Mission Chanakya exit poll predicted victory for BJP candidate M Raghunandana Rao.

In terms of percentage, AARAA predicted that TRS would secure around 48.7 per cent votes and BJP would secure around 45 per cent votes. On the other hand, Mission Chanakya predicted that BJP would get 52 per cent votes, while TRS would be getting around 36 per cent votes.

The Third Vision exit poll has predicted that TRS would approximately get 51.5 per cent votes and BJP would get around 36 per cent votes.

It’s interesting to note that all three bodies predicted that the Congress would end up in the third slot.

But one thing is for sure. Dubbaka has become a ground for the opposition parties to consolidate their position in Telangana. Even if TRS wins the seat in Dubbaka, if it does not do so with absolute majority, then it will remain a black mark in its book.