Will KCR,Jagan face contempt of courts?

Telangana CM KCR and AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy take pride themselves as the ablest administrators. Both boast that they share good relations and bonhomie. They have many traits in common.

While KCR came out of Chandra Babu’s TDP after the latter refused to give him a powerful ministerial birth, Jagan came out of Sonia Gandhi’s Congress after the latter refused to make him the CM of Andhra Pradesh.

Both underwent lot of hardships and finally became the CMs of their respective states. Both Jagan and KCR follow ‘My Way or No Way’ strategy. Though this may corner or stump media and opposition, courts are no way scared of them.

Despite this they are flouting many rules and getting many shocks from the courts. However, they are adamantly following the same strategy going against not only the High Courts but also the Supreme Court. The question is will KCR and Jagan face contempt of courts?

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