Will KCR wear a mask or pay penalty?

People across the country are praising Telangana CM KCR for the tough lockdown measures to control coronavirus. He is often one step ahead of even PM Modi. KCR advised PM Modi to cancel international flights to the country and to Hyderabad. Similarly, he spoke about the shifting of migrant workers to their destinations and his suggestion was followed by PM Modi only after ten days.

In the meantime, KCR’s Telangana government passed a GO which will give powers to the Police force to fine anyone in the state who venture out without using masks. The GO says ‘ Wearing of the mask is compulsory and police have full powers to fine those who come out without masks’.

However, the GO did not specify what a mask is and how it should be and what will be considered as a mask. Sometime back in his press meet, KCR himself told that mask means covering face with a cloth.

So a mask could be a real mask, a small handkerchief or even a small towel. KCR has taken this decision as coronavirus will spread due to the droplets which fall from the mouth. People are heard commenting that the GO is good but will CM KCR who is appearing in press meets without wearing a mask will change his style and start using the mask?