Will KCR curse High Court also?

Telangana CM KCR is known for his aggressive style of functioning. He never allows criticism. He makes fun of opposition parties, critics, media, and others who question him. KCR even went to the extent of cursing them that they should get affected by coronavirus. He even called Congress leaders as more dangerous than corona.

of late many are attacking the KCR government for conducting fewer tests and coming with fewer figures of COVID patients. Professor PL. Vishweswara Rao filed a PIL in the High Court seeking its directions demanding KCR’s government to come with detailed information on the number of tests, number of PPE kits, and N95 masks provided by the government to the doctors who are treating coronavirus patients.

High Court Chief Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan, Justice B.Vijay Sen Reddy heard the matter and questioned Advocate General why they are not collecting the blood samples of people who passed away due to coronavirus symptoms and conducting confirmation tests. It said this will send a dangerous signal.

Court asked the government to provide the number of people living in the containment zones in Hyderabad and also the scientific process in the government’s decision to conduct tests only to those people who are having corona positive.

CH. Prabhakar who argued for the petitioner alleged that the government is not conducting tests to people residing in the 32 containment zones in Hyderabad. High Court told the government that as per WHO directives, all the people in the red and the containment zones should be tested for corona positive. Court posted the next hearing on May 14 and asked the AG to present the full details to them.

The question is will KCR answer the High Court or curse the judges that they should get corona?