Why is KCR paling in comparison to Jagan?


Telangana CM KCR has immense experience as a Minister in the state and central governments and later spearheaded the movement for the seperate statehood for Telangana. He has immense knowledge on various topics and also about the developments and day to day happenings across the world. Compared to AP CM Jagan, he is very experienced, articulate and erudite.

Despite all this, the recent developments are making people discuss why is KCR is paling in comparison to Jagan. Following the outbreak of Corona virus pandemic, entire nation hailed the tough measures taken by Telangana CM KCR and his government.

People of various states asked their governments to follow KCR’s model. People in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh even lashed out at their CM Jagan and their government for being lax on corona virus treatment.

But things changed drastically with the passage of few months. While Jagan overtook KCR and ramped up the testing facilities and his decision on various fronts in tackling corona virus pandemic is winning the appreciation of all, KCR for some reason became lethargic. While AP CM Jagan has been taking steps to start the academic year and other businesses, KCR is still lagging behind unable to take any decision. Many are of the opinion that while Jagan is shining, KCR lost his sheen.

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