State BJP president demands clarification from CM, DCP in 24 hours

In an incident that emerged to be rather serious in old city has led to state BJP president Bandi Sanjay demanding a clarification from the CM and DCP of the area. The incident occurred when an attempt was made to usurp the endowment land under Chandrayanagutta area. The incident came to light when it was found that MIM was trying to take over 8 acres of land belonging to government through endowments department. Using a Hindu person as a decoy, MIM and local police tried to give the land to the said Hindu person.


Bandi Sanjay demands clarification from CM in 24 hours


Immediately, Bandi Sanjay and his followers got into action and spelled out their protest in the pertaining police station. However, later during a press conference, Bandi Sanjay accused the DCP of the area was trying to instigate the masses, instead of mitigating the situation. He said lower rung officers and police personnel were also unhappy with DCP’s behaviour.

Bandi Sanjay maintained that while he and his party were trying to establish peace in old city, MIM and local DCP were trying to create trouble. “Come out of your farmhouse and prove you are a Hindu. Otherwise, you are a ‘bondu’,” said Sanjay of CM KCR while speaking to press.

Sanjay gave 24 hours deadline for CM KCR to respond on the issue and also demanded that the DCP in question give a clarification.

Following the press address, Bandi Sanjay welcomed new members into the party. Many of those who joined the party included Congressmen who now see their future in BJP.