Revanth Reddy: From Real Tiger to Paper Tiger

revanth reddy CM

The name Revanth Reddy galvanizes his supporters. At one time, it used to trigger sensation in the political circles and across Telangana. Till seven years back or so, Revanth Reddy enjoyed the media limelight.

When he was in Chandra Babu’s TDP, he with his daring acts and sensational and blistering attacks on Telangana CM KCR, his family members Kavita, KTR, and Harish Rao left all stunned. This because during that time only Revanth Reddy used to take on KCR and his family unearthing and trying to counter them on various scams and irregularities.

However, one wrong step and his over-enthusiasm during MLC elections got him entangled him in the note for vote scam and from then on he lost his sheen turning Paper Tiger from Real Tiger.

To gain recognition, Revanth Reddy joined the Congress party but unlike in the TDP, he is not having any freedom in Sonia, Rahul Congress. Whatever he plans and suggests, there are many who puts spanners in his efforts to revive the party fortunes and regain the lost glory.

Even if he gets a green signal from Sonia and Rahul, he is not getting any cooperation from other state leaders like Uttam Kumar Reddy, Hanumantha Rao, and others. What a downfall for Revanth Reddy who became a Paper Tiger from Real Tiger.