KCR vs Jagan-War or Peace


The Apex Council meeting on water disputes between AP and Telangana will be held on Aug 25. Telangana CM KCR, AP CM Jagan and Union Water Resources Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat will attend the event via video conference. Although the meeting scheduled for the 5th of this month has been postponed, it is said that it will be held on the 25th.

kcr jagan water wars
kcr jagan water wars

Though the meeting was postponed but AP and Telangana are at loggerheads over the water disputes. In this context, it seems likely that a resolution will come on the 25th.The meeting was convened to resolve the grievances received by the Krishna and Godavari River Management Boards. While the AP is alleging that Telangana is emptying Godavari with new projects,Telangana is accusing that by pumping water,AP is using excess of Krishna waters. The debate in the Apex Council is set to escalate as the two states make wild allegations.

Jagan is planning to resolve the issue amicably. As accused by Telangana, AP is not using excess Krishna waters through Rayalaseema lift irrigation. However Telangana is considering it as a new project though it was one of the part of Pothireddypadu project.

The AP government seems to be moving only the surplus water through the Rayalaseema Upliftment Scheme. This is why Potireddy is increasing the capacity of the canals. Srisailam Reservoir through Potireddipadu irrigates Teluguganga, Srisailam Kudigattu Canal and Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanti schemes with gravity at 854 meters. The main objective of the Rayalaseema project is to undertake embankments at 800 meters without having to wait until that level when there is a flood effect. With this additional water becomes available and Rayalaseema becomes fertile.

The Telangana government is raising objections to this. The controversy escalated when the Center gave the green signal that it did not even want an environmental permit. Telangana CM KCR has already suggested to the authorities that they will settle the issue in the apex council meeting. The AP is objecting to the new projects being built by the Telangana government on Godavari. However, the Telangana government says that these are not new projects and have only increased the capacity of projects set up in joint Andhra Pradesh. If only the capacity is increased .. new projects in Telangana, Bhagirathi KCR .. it is necessary to say why the government is campaigning there.

All in all, the apex committee meeting between the two Telugu states is likely to start a clash. The chief ministers of the two states, who are adamant that there is no compromise for the interests of the state, should see if a compromise can be reached in the Apex Council.

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