Is KCR Shehenshah and Kumbhakarn?

Daggers are out between TRS leaders and the BJP people. Till couple of months back Telangana CM KCR and PM Modi used to have good relations. CM KCR supported PM Modi’s decisions like Lockdown etc. However with the passage of three to four months with covid virus increasing, KCR has been attacking PM Modi on various fronts. Similarly BJP leaders started attacking CM KCR and his government over its inaction regarding descripancies over corona virus positive cases and private hospitals looting people and lack of facilities in the government hospitals.

In the meantime, BJP national president JP.Nadda speaking to scribes, blasted CM KCR and branded him as Shehnshah and Kumbhakarn. He said KCR behaves as if he is a ‘Shehensha’ and acts as per his whims and fancies. He added KCR like Kumbhkarn is sleeping while covid positive cases are increasing in the state and trying to hide his inaction.

Nadda pointed out how High Court has been reprimanding KCR and his government on various issues and warned the state to get its act together. He said KCR is keen on making money indulging in corruption through various irrigation projects and is not interested in the development of the state.

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