Greater Elections: Big Shock to TRS and KCR in two days from BJP!

The party which won the Dubbaka by-election, is making comments to narrow down the ruling TRS. Consequences of the same are taking place in a way that no one is understanding what is happening each minute. News is that BJP leaders are having secret talks with several TRS leaders which is causing a stir in TRS. Adilabad MP Soyam Bapu Rao made comments to make these doubts grow more. 

Ten TRS leaders are ready to join the BJP in a day or two. They are already in talks with party leaders. Party members with the dissatisfaction on the ruling of KTR and KCR are likely to move out of TRS and join the Louts Party. The ruling party fears that the BJP will win 100 divisions in the Greater elections. The BJP is saying that the TRS party is announcing concessions out of fear. It is noteworthy that Bapu Rao did not try to say who the ten TRS leaders are who are switching the party. Bapu Rao’s words are not taken seriously by the party leaders. 

If the leaders are denied to give the ticket, there would be around 10-20 members who will either join Congress or BJP. However, the TRS leaders claim that they will not be harmed by the change of party by the members. If we wait for one or two days as Soyam Bapu Rao said we will undertand if what he claims is true or not.