CBN’s Two Eyes vs Strategic Silence

The last few years did not witness any major fights between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This was unlike the bitter partition and the subsequent elections during tempers ran high. After the formation of new governments headed by Chandra Babu in Andhra Pradesh and KCR in Telangana, many controversies happened and this resulted in even fistfights between the various law enforcement authorities and even the legislators.

However, things improved after Jagan came to power in Andhra Pradesh and KCR retained his supremacy in Telangana. But with Jagan’s decision to use the Krishna waters forming a new GO, it is resulting in sparks flying from all quarters.

KCR who remained silent till now turned furious and with the opposition parties in Telangana baying for his blood, he started adopting an aggressive strategy.

What is surprising is, during these developments, former CM of Andhra Pradesh, Chandra Babu Naidu is maintaining a stoic silence. Even when YSRCP leaders are demanding response from Chandra Babu, he is not responding.

Chandra Babu many times started following his two eyes strategy and it backfired miserably and it seems Chandra Babu is following a watching game. Now the question is will Chandra Babu’s strategic silence workout.