All involved in GHMC campaign advised to self-isolate

Telangana’s health authorities on Wednesday advised all those who participated in the campaign for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections to isolate themselves for the next week.

All the party leaders, party workers, and other individuals who were directly involved in the campaigning have been urged to isolate so that they don’t end up spreading Covid-19.

Director of Public Health Dr. Srinivas Rao said individuals who were actively involved in the campaigning can also get themselves tested at the nearest government urban primary health center.

Symptoms, if any, for such individuals are expected to appear between five to 10 days.

During self-isolation at their homes, the individuals must not interact with family members and ensure the use of masks, hand sanitizers, and physical distancing.

The official said self-isolation by individuals who participated in the campaign was necessary for a view of the possible second wave of the infection.

He said while the Covid situation in the state was fully under control, the winter has set in and elections to the GHMC were also conducted. All parties ran the intensive campaigns and people in large numbers participated. “In this situation, we should be careful and should unwillingly not become the reason for a second wave,” Rao said.