Shock: migrants quarantined with ghosts?

Coronavirus and the lockdown threw many lives in disarray and the most affected lot are the migrant workers in the country. Migrants ever since the lockdown was imposed started walking hundreds and thousands of kilometers to reach their native places to be with their families.

Seeing their plight the Union government headed by PM Modi and the respective state governments arranged for their travel. However, the moment they reach their destinations, they would be sent to quarantine.

Generally, states are using vacant schools, panchayat offices, government buildings as quarantine centers. But much to the shock of all, Uttarakhand Government decided to use ghost villages to quarantine migrant workers sending shivers down their spines.

The ghost villages have been vacant for many decades and no one visits them. Now Uttarakhand Government turned the villages and houses there as quarantine centers. Police officials and doctors are also staying with them to drive away the fear in them.