Mahabharata Extravaganza as a Web Series

Numerous movies on Mahabharat came in different dialects on the Indian screen. With the coming of technology, numerous creators are approaching to engage film lovers with films on Mahabharat. However, the vast majority of them have made movies based on the episodes of Mahabharat.

Till now none of them created the whole Mahabharat exhaustively on screen. It is coming out that a top OTT is arranging a web series on Mahabharat on a large scale.

Reports are coming that the web series will be in English and Hindi and furthermore in different Indian dialects. The OTT is required to siphon in an incredible Rs 3000crs spending plan for the web series and it is as of now in chats with a top South Indian director. The OTT feels just this director can deal with the web series in a marvelous way and is prepared to pay any sum as his compensation. In the event that the director gives the green sign, the Mahabharat web series will be on the lines of Vikings and Game of Thorns.