Chiranjeevi Proves His Stamina Once Again

After the disastrous outing of “Acharya” and not so impressive outing with “God Father”, people often criticized “Valteru Veerayya,” while others have different opinions and speculations. The film is a comedy, but it seems to have stirred quite a few discussions. Some even claim it as a blockbuster. However, the reality regarding the success of “Valteru Veerayya” is somewhat different from what many expected. It’s not as simple as labeling it a hit.

The business side of things is facing challenges, and losses are being calculated. Questions arise about where things went wrong. Exhibitors are particularly vocal about their grievances and are demanding compensation for their losses due to the film.

After “Valteru Veerayya”, Chiranjeevi came out with “Bholaa Shankar” which ended as the biggest disaster in Chiranjeevi’s career. But, the movie which was released in OTT recently is doing decent business proving Chiranjeevi’s stamina as the Megastar. Directed by Meher Ramesh, the movie had Tamannah Bhatia as the heroine and Keerthy Suresh doing Chiranjeevi’s sister’s role.