SC issues latest guidelines to Centre on Covid

The Covid pandemic hasn’t subsided in India and numerous are still being reported on a daily basis. After the Central government and state governments issued relief from lockdowns, people are out on the streets to go about their daily life.

SC’s new guidelines to Central government on Covid

With opening up of entertainment places and public spaces, it can be noticed that home-locked public is now out and about to experience the new normal. For nearly six to seven months public of India had to face lockdowns to contain the spread of the pandemic that seems to have no ‘one’ medicinal cure, at least for now.

Amidst fears of new wave of Corona virus, especially in the north and north-west India, governments are closely monitoring the situation. For now, the New Delhi government has made it clear that there will be no second round of lockdowns. However, Maharashtra government is still contemplating the issue. It has said that decision will be taken depending on how things turn out. Similarly, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh have ordered for night curfew and weekend lockdown. Punjab too has announced night curfew.

Given the spike in cases in most European countries, pressure is high on the Central government to take appropriate measures to contain and control a second wave of pandemic.

Already in places like Karnataka a fine of Rs 200 is being imposed on those who are caught without wearing a mask. In New Delhi, a fine of Rs 2000 will be imposed on people who don’t wear masks or refrain from maintaining social distancing. It’s Rs 500 in Pune and UP, while a fine of Rs 200 will be levied on Mumbaikars.

As the debate goes on about second round of lockdowns, the Apex Court of India has said that in absence of vaccine, norms to be observed for fighting the pandemic are wearing mask and observing social distancing. “But what is the situation on ground? Union govt must take lead to implement the guidelines across India. Harsher measures are needed,” it said.