Time For Koratala Siva To Give A Clarification

Koratala Siva is currently grappling with plagiarism allegations related to his films “Srimanthudu” and “Acharya.” While the issue surrounding “Acharya” was resolved outside the court, it has left a dent in Koratala Siva’s reputation as both a writer and director. The writer of “Chachentha Prema,” Sarath Chandra, has been embroiled in a plagiarism case against “Srimanthudu” for the last couple of years. The Supreme Court recently ruled in Sarath Chandra’s favor, putting Koratala Siva in a precarious position.

In interviews, Sarath Chandra has detailed the controversy, pointing out similarities between his novel and “Srimanthudu,” including the unchanged use of the village name Devarakota. This development has the potential to significantly tarnish Koratala Siva’s image as a filmmaker and storyteller. With Koratala Siva currently directing NTR’s “Devara,” the controversy may impact the project.

The Supreme Court has supported the High Court’s order and initiated criminal proceedings. Notably, Sarath Chandra is not seeking financial compensation but rather a public apology from Koratala Siva. As the situation unfolds, it is crucial for Koratala Siva to address the allegations promptly to mitigate any further damage to his professional standing.