Priyanka trolled for her Non Gandhi comment

priyanka rahul gandhi

Having the celebrity name as the surname comes with lot of advantages and disadvantages. When that surname happens to be Gandhi,then their each and every move will be scrutinised.

priyanka rahul gandhi


Congress party and its leaders,cadre and supporters always ran after Gandhi pariwar. The party never allowed other than Gandhi pariwar to hold key positions. Gandhi pariwar always faced huge criticism for insulting those who do not have the surname Gandhi.

The way they insulted other freedom fighters except Gandhi, Nehru and the way they sidelined many top leaders in the party as they do not come from Gandhi pariwar turned out to be their bane. Now intense discussion is underway as to who should be the next Congress president. Rahul Gandhi quit as the President after the electoral defeat and Sonia Gandhi’s tenure as the President ended recently.

Now almost all Congress leaders are demanding Rahul Gandhi to be the President and lead the party. But everyone knows that Rahul has been a reluctant leader. He came with a statement that the next party president should be from a Non Gandhi pariwar. Priyanka Gandhi too agreed with her brother Rahul Gandhi. She also told that if the next Non Gandhi president tell her that he wanted her to be in Andaman and Nicobar ,she would very well go there.

However netizens started trolling her. They said Priyanka is planning to becoming the next party president and after marriage since she lost her Gandhi tag and became Vadra, she feels she is qualified as the Non Gandhi person to lead the party.